To inspire creativity, strengthen local & emerging artistry, and positively contribute to our communities.


We define local as the Northeast. We define emerging as someone who wants to gain professionalism in what they are creating. Often we book artists who are outside of these realms. But if you take a closer look, the producer of the show or the production staff are local or emerging. Which brings us to our definition of artistry. Our members are not just artists. We support folks who facilitate art as well: producers, arts administrators, creative entrepreneurs, and more.

How do we contribute to our communities? This takes many shapes and forms. Some of us volunteer or donate to local organizations, some of us house AT hikers. Some of us work with youth. Some of us promote wellness in our community. As an organization, we often help fundraise or collaborate with organizations to infuse art into community development.  


Storefront & Studio

Our new home at 73 Main St. offers a storefront, shared studio, and exhibition+performance space for our members and the local community to enjoy.

Common Folk Presents:

We currently invest a significant amount of time advocating and planning for a venue in North Adams where young creators can share their work and build their creative career and audience. 

Shut The Folk Up

On the first Friday of every month we gather folks for a special night of emerging musicians that will make your heart melt. 

The Common Folk Crew sitting outside of their temporary home in 2017, sponsored by MCLA's Berkshire Cultural Resource Center.

The Common Folk Crew sitting outside of their temporary home in 2017, sponsored by MCLA's Berkshire Cultural Resource Center.

A member of Fractured Atlas

A member of Fractured Atlas



We create.
We believe that everyone has the capacity to express their creativity. It is this innate human ability that we encourage people to use. We challenge ourselves to strengthen this ability throughout the creative process and encourage each other to try new things. 

We value all forms of expression, whether it’s the art that you create, the clothes that you wear, the education that you teach, the concert that you produce, or the group that you form. We believe that expression happens in a variety of ways and we aim to be a collective that welcomes any and all forms of creativity.

We find common ground. 
By creating an inclusive, open, and welcoming environment, we offer a supportive space for people from all walks of life to come together to share creative experiences with one another. 

We inspire. 
We hope that by providing access to our work and the work of others in and around our community, that it inspires folks to be creative, explore the boundaries of their creativity, and challenge themselves to try new things.

We celebrate. 
Becoming a professional artist is not easy. Sometimes and often, we fail. But by banding together, and showing up for each other, this process becomes easy. We celebrate each other through support, promotion, and most times with food.

We believe that art is a catalyst for change. 
Art not only functions as a form of entertainment, but can also be used as a tool to share a message. Our artists are encouraged to explore ways in which their creativity can make a healthy impact on their community. 

We collaborate. 
We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to new surroundings. We are always interested in exploring a project with other folks, whether big or small. We believe that collaboration is the key to success. When we can work together, we become stronger, and can accomplish a lot. 

We don’t know everything. 
Being a member of Common Folk is a learning experience. Some of us folks take on tasks and projects that we may not know how to do, but we are interested in learning. We make mistakes, but we learn from them and make the next project better because of it. Through mentorship we support and encourage each other to accomplish our goals and have each others backs when it doesn't