Sell your work in our Holiday Market!


We are expanding our store at 73 Main Street For members and non-members alike

Common Folk will provide basic display surfaces and handle all sales. Sellers are required to tag all of their merchandise with their name + price, and provide any special display materials.



Registration Deadline: Wednesday 11/20 (link below)

Set-Up: Monday 11/25 - Tuesday 11/26

Market: Friday 11/29 - Monday 12/23 (during regular store hours)

Pick-Up: by Monday Jan 4


One-time payment due at the time of set-up. Common Folk takes an additional 30% of all sales, please price your work accordingly.

Public fee: $50 flat-rate for a 3x3x3’ space

Member fee: Regular retail rates: $5 wall/small, $10 medium, $15 large (in addition to membership dues) - members with current retail space are welcome to expand during this month

Retail spaces are first come first serve. Submission does NOT guarantee inclusion as space is limited. Please direct any pressing questions to